Laptop Incentive Program

FITL issues free laptops to full-time faculty members who enroll in the Center’s Laptop Incentive Program and successfully complete twelve hours of FITL training on strategies for the purposeful use of educational technologies and effective practices for teaching and learning.

The goal of this program is to increase the number of faculty incorporating effective technological practices into their teaching. We provide the free laptops so that faculty can have easy access to the newest technology and can apply this knowledge in their classroom.

Options for completing the program include:

Structured Program Build Your Own Program Self-Paced Training

To enroll in the Laptop Incentive Program or for more information, contact Yona Jean-Pierre.

Requirement Options

Fulfillment of the twelve hours can be completed by attending a Structured Program or by building your own program through workshops and self-paced training activities.

Structured Program

FITL works with a department or individuals to determine a 12-hour program of training that suits the goals and availability of the participants.

Past workshop programs have consisted of four three-hour sessions over two weeks, weekly 90 minute sessions over eight consecutive weeks, etc. The final session of the program allows participants to present to their colleagues on a teaching-technology-related topic of their choice.

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Build Your Own Program

Faculty can choose to attend individual workshops that total twelve hours of training. Our recommendation for all levels:

For current workshop offerings, please see our Workshop Schedule.

To view a full listing of all FITL workshop topics, please see our Training page.

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Self-Paced Training

In addition to synchronous face-to-face and online workshops, FITL also provides opportunities for faculty to complete self-paced training activities, which can contribute a maximum of six hours toward the twelve required to complete the program.

Course Content Video Project (3 hours awarded)

Faculty can work with the Media Producer at the Faculty Media Studio to develop a brief video related to course content. The Media Producer and FITL staff will assist in all aspects of pre-production, shoot video, and assist in post-production and presenting the video on Blackboard.

Maple TA Online Workshop (3 hours awarded)

The Maple TA online workshop is designed to provide faculty a hands-on introduction to the Maple TA online testing and assessment system, to be completed at a time and place convenient to your schedule.

Each of the four sections of the workshop contains a short video tutorial, a practice assignment and a discussion question.

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Faculty Presentations

All program types provide an opportunity for faculty participants to present to their colleagues on a teaching-technology-related topic of their choice. Topics can cover technologies introduced during the workshop, as well as tools that faculty are exploring on their own.

Contact Yona Jean-Pierre to enroll or learn more about the Laptop Incentive Program.

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