Our Team


Yona   Jean-Pierre

Lexie  Bryan

Christopher E. Smith 
Media Producer, Faculty Media Studio
Undergraduate Academics
Location: Rogers Hall 418A

Graduate Assistants

Kishan Chitloor Gopalasetty comes from a Computer Science background in Bangalore, India, and is working towards his Masters of Science in Computer Science. He is currently working at FITL to develop a guide for new students.
Bharath Vivekananda Swamy is a Masters student studying Computer Science. Prior to joining the School of Engineering, he completed his undergraduate degree in Computer Science in Bangalore. He works at FITL as an application developer and has an interest in Web development and Security.
Ruijiao Rachel Xu is a graduate student at NYU pursuing her M.S. degree in Mechanical Engineering. She received her B.S. degree in Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering from New Mexico Tech. Her work at FITL focuses on supporting the Student Response System “clicker” technology and graphic design.