Curriculum - Transportation Management, MS

To earn a Master of Science degree in Transportation Management from the School of Engineering, you must complete 30 credits, as outlined below. In addition to completing the required courses, you must have a 3.0 GPA or better in all graduate courses, in all courses required for your degree, and in all guided studies (readings, projects, theses). Averages are separately computed for courses and guided studies and transfer credits from other institutions are omitted from this average. You may not repeat a course toward your degree more than once.

Required Courses (18 Credits)

TR 6013 Please Refer to Catalog
TR 6213 Please Refer to Catalog
TR 6223 Intelligent Transportation Systems and Their Applications, Credits: 3.00
TR 7223 Management of Transit Maintenance and Operations, Credits: 3.00
TR 7133 Urban Public Transportation Systems, Credits: 3.00
TR 7233 Transportation Management, Credits: 3.00

Electives (12 Credits)

You will take elective courses in the following areas:

MG General Management Courses: 6 - 9 Credits
(with necessary prerequisites)

TR General Transportation Courses: 3 - 6 Credits
(with necessary pre-requisites)