Most riders have an opinion about the rising costs of mass transit, and most engineers have thoughts about where highway funds should be allocated. Into this fray steps the transportation manager, who must balance competing financial interests when making many of the decisions that affect how we get from point A to point B.

Join our Certificate program in Transportation Management to learn about the financial considerations that power our transit experiences. Our campus is located in one of the world’s most populous regions, with the New York City metro area acting as a laboratory for those wishing to dissect the inner workings of a complex transit system.

The program emphasizes professional practices at an advanced level. Our curriculum is ideal for students hoping to expand their skills and elevate their careers without committing to a full-time advanced degree program.

Whether you’re a practicing professional or a student seeking to complement your bachelor’s or master’s degree, you can be confident we’ll help you move to the forefront of the transportation management field.

Admission Requirements

Applicants may be students with bachelor’s degrees seeking to specialize in an aspect of transportation or those with advanced degrees wishing additional course work in a highly focused area of the profession.

You may apply for transfer to degree programs without any loss of credits, assuming you are admitted to the degree program and that the courses are related to the degree. Admission to this certificate program does not guarantee admission to a full degree program.