Curriculum - Risk Management, CT

To obtain a Certificate in Risk Management at the School of Engineering, you must complete the required courses listed below, satisfy a 1.5 free elective credit requirement by selecting a lab course and another 1.5 elective credits upon Advisor's approval.

Required Courses

FRE 6123 Financial Risk Management and Asset Pricing, Credits: 3.00
FRE 6271 Please Refer to Catalog
FRE 6411 Fixed Income Securities and Interest Rate Derivatives, Credits: 1.50
FRE 6291 Applied Derivative Contracts, Credits: 1.50
FRE 6511 Derivatives Algorithms, Credits: 1.50
FRE 6711 Investment Theory & Applications, Credits: 1.50
FRE 6731 Basel 2 and Value At Risk, Credits: 1.50
FRE 6751 Credit Risk Measurement and Management, Credits: 1.50
FRE 6791 Operational Risk Measurement and Management, Credits: 1.50


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FRE 6811 Financial Software Laboratory, Credits: 1.50
FRE 6821 Financial Econometric Laboratory, Credits: 1.50
FRE 6831 Computational Finance Laboratory, Credits: 1.50
FRE 6861 Financial Software Engineering Laboratory, Credits: 1.50