In the summer of 2008 (some argue even earlier), the worldwide financial market began to slide. By the following year, it was experiencing a credit crunch breathtaking in its reach and depth. In an anonymous confession published in the Economist, at least one risk manager admitted to the crucial role his industry played in facilitating the crisis.

Although many factors contributed to the downturn, working professionals in financial services, along with recent graduates hoping to join the industry, have been particularly interested in discovering how losses could have been avoided, how risks may have been managed. Our Certificate program in Risk Management meets their need.

By offering courses in quantitative finance, options and derivatives, portfolio theory and application, as well as a host of other topics, we ensure you learn dynamic risk management strategies for implementation in the field.

Informed about recent trends and practices in enterprise risk management, our graduates confidently pursue work in many areas of financial services: corporate treasury offices, energy marketing firms, investment and commercial banks, or government agencies. With a greater understanding of the factors that affect internal and external clients, practicing professionals benefit equally, enhancing their career development.

Admission Requirements

You must hold a baccalaureate degree from an accredited institution. You are required to submit GRE scores (GMAT scores can be substituted, but GRE is strongly preferred) and should have a minimum GPA of 3.0. We also expect you to know how to use spreadsheets and to have had some exposure to computer-programming languages. The following prerequisites are also required:

  • Financial economics - FIN 2003 Economic Foundations of Finance, Credits: 3.00 or equivalent
  • Calculus - MA 1124 Calculus II, Credits: 4.00 or equivalent
  • Probability and statistics - MA 2212 Data Analysis I, Credits: 2.00 and MA 2222 Data Analysis II, Credits: 2.00 or equivalent
  • Linear algebra - MA 2012 Elements of Linear Algebra I, Credits: 2.00 or equivalent