You must complete 30 credits, 9 of which may be granted for up to 3 relevant graduate-level courses completed elsewhere with a grade of B or better, to earn an MS in Manufacturing Engineering. Issues relating to the transfer of courses are at the discretion of the Program Director.

You must also satisfy prerequisites or demonstrate equivalent knowledge in:

  • Computer literacy
  • Knowledge of engineering economics
  • Probability and statistics

Students lacking the relevant knowledge must complete additional courses to satisfy these prerequisites.

Required Core Courses (12 Credits)

Electives (18 Credits)

  • 3 electives from Manufacturing or Industrial Engineering for a total of 9 credits
  • 3 electives from any other graduate curriculum with the approval of the Program Director (to ensure that they are compatible your professional objectives) for a total of 9 credits

You are encouraged to organize your electives into “concentrations." These concentrations satisfy the needs of your careers and, for those who are working, the needs of the firm.