ANNOUNCEMENT: As of February 2016, the Technology Management and Innovation Department at NYU's Tandon School of Engineering has discontinued offering the MS in Manufacturing Engineering (MSMN) Program, including the On-line MSMN Program as an independent degree program. Going forward, we will encourage potential students interested in focusing on manufacturing engineering to pursue the MS in Industrial Engineering degree with a concentration in manufacturing. We are committed to continue offering a high quality set of manufacturing based courses and will continue offering the Industrial Engineering program to potential students interested in a manufacturing career.

Students currently enrolled in the MS Manufacturing Engineering program can continue with the MSMN Program as their terminal degree within the 5-year degree completion period, and their diploma will show the Master of Science in Manufacturing Engineering Degree. Current MSMN requirements will remain the same. If you are a current student and need more information on your degree program and requirements, please check the NYU Tandon bulletin.

Please direct all inquiries to