ANNOUNCEMENT: The Merger of the MS in Management of Technology with the MS in Management Degree Programs

We are proud to announce the merger of the MS in Management Program (MSM) with the MS in Management of Technology Program (MS MOT). NYU Tandon no longer accepts applications to the MSM Program and . The MSM Program will continue to service only existing MSM students until graduation.

The Master of Science in Management of Technology (MS MOT) is the star NYU Tandon TM&I management program and you should consider the opportunity to enter this program to be a significant “upgrade” because of its established success. MS MOT was created for professionals who aim to make a difference in an economy where bridging the technology and business worlds is crucial. It introduces participants to the latest thinking and best practices in technology management and innovation. For forward-thinking managers, the MOT Program is a proven and unique path to management, leadership, innovation, entrepreneurship, design thinking, and creativity in the 21st century. Please visit our MOT department web pages and/or the NYU Tandon Bulletin for complete MS MOT Program information.

Polytechnic University merged with NYU a few years ago and is now fully integrated within NYU as the NYU Tandon School of Engineering. In an important to step to better harmonize with, and contribute to the mission of NYU to maximize academic quality across all its schools, departments and educational programs, NYU Tandon’s Department of Technology Management and Innovation (TM&I) has integrated MSM into MOT in order to provide our current and newly incoming Fall 2016 TM&I graduate students with an advanced academic opportunity.

Continuing MSM students may visit the NYU Tandon Bulletin for complete MS MS in Management Program information.