Study Abroad

The Bachelor of Science program in Integrated Digital Media is designed to allow students the opportunity to complete a semester abroad, typically the spring semester of the junior year. Students may participate in any of NYU’s established study abroad programs, or in BxmC’s exchange with the Media2Culture Institute for Applied Media Research in Bremen, Germany.
Media2Culture is an opportunity for motivated undergraduates to spend a semester abroad, within the framework of the Bremen exchange program. Our established partnership with M2C provides a unique vehicle for enriching your the School of Engineering experience at one of the best informatics programs in Germany. This international program is offered in English, which means that students can work to their full creative and academic potential, while making the most of a great opportunity to get to know what’s familiar — and what’s completely different — about experimental media research/development/creation in one of Germany’s top schools.

Contact info for the Bremen exchange:

R. Luke  DuBois