Curriculum - Information Systems Engineering, MS

The general requirements for a Master of Science apply to this program. The curriculum consists of 10 courses, including an optional independent project of 3 credits. The project must be completed by the end of second year and can begin as soon as the first semester.

Courses may change or new courses may be substituted to respond to changes in technology. The courses currently constituting the curriculum appear below.

4 Software Courses

Typically among the following:

CS 6062 Software Engineering, Credits: 2.50
CS 6083 Principles of Database Systems, Credits: 3.00
CS 9023 Web Technologies and Integrated Environments, Credits: 3.00
CS 9033 Web Services and SOA, Credits: 3.00
CS 9223 Cloud Computing Technology, Credits: 3.00

1 Systems Course

Typically 1 of the following:
CS 6133 Computer Architecture I, Credits: 3.00
CS 6233 Introduction to Operating Systems, Credits: 3.00

1 Networking Course

Typically 1 of the following:

CS 6843 Computer Networking, Credits: 3.00
CS 5823 Network Management and Security, Credits: 3.00

Management Electives

Not more than 3, typically from the following and chosen in consultation with the Director:

MG 8203 Project Management, Credits: 3.00
MG 6303 Operations Management, Credits: 3.00
MG 6013 Organizational Behavior, Credits: 3.00

A project course (CS 9963 Advanced Project in Computer Science, Credits: 3.00) is typically taken for the degree. Its content and scope of which is usually of discussed with and approved by the Program Director.