Technology and Algorithmic Finance Track

The Technology and Algorithmic Finance Track Master’s in Financial Engineering focuses on the intersection of computer science and financial engineering.

Finance practitioners typically use large databases, real time feeds, and efficient algorithms to build models and develop trading strategies in an increasingly Information Technology dependent world. Applications such as high and ultra-high frequency finance, automated trading, algorithmic portfolio management, agent-based models and news analytics, etc. are some of the elements that make up this track.  This track opens a career in the rapidly expanding field of Information Technology dependent Financial Services.  For example, financial firms such as hedge funds, trading, banks, insurance, and developers of new financial products and firms increasingly dependent on software and data.

Upon graduation, students of the Technology and Algorithmic Finance track will have developed software projects, ranging from behavioral models to bespoke derivative valuations to financial trading, information management and tools and financial platforms.   They would be familiar with the use and role of technology in front, middle, and back offices; they would know common trading strategies and how to implement and back-test them; and they would know how to create new models and build new useful tools quickly.

Job openings and demands for a variety of financial engineering skills in banks, hedge funds, trading companies, financial information and software giants, provide broad opportunities for students in this track—bridging an increasingly Information Technology dependent financial world and the future of finance.

Required Course: 

3 Courses from the Following:

New courses: Financial Platforms Programming, Financial Cyber Risk Management

Recommended Courses: