Technology and Algorithmic Finance Track

The Technology and Algorithmic Finance Track is available for students pursuing a master’s in Financial Engineering. This track focuses on the intersection of computer science and financial engineering.

Finance practitioners typically use large databases, real time feeds, and efficient algorithms to build models and develop trading strategies in an increasingly automated world. Applications such as high frequency finance, automated trading, algorithmic portfolio management, agent-based models, behavioral finance, and news analytics, etc. are some of the elements that make up this track.

As a student in this track, you will learn the tools and concepts necessary for a career in the rapidly expanding field of financial services, such as hedge funds, trading firms, banks, insurance, and associated software, data, and technology companies.

This track focuses on building useful financial software, and every course requires substantial and frequent programming.

Required to Complete a Financial Engineering, MS in this Track

Track Prerequisites

Basic programming ability, in any language and environment of your choice. For example, the department’s planned summer offering on Algorithmic Thinking with Visual Basic provides a suitable background, as would C++, VBA, etc.