Curriculum - Environmental Science, MS

To earn an MS in Environmental Science, you must complete 30 credits as described below, with a 3.0 GPA or better in all graduate courses and in all guided studies (readings, projects, theses, dissertations). Averages are computed separately for courses and guided studies. Transfer credits from other institutions are not included in this average.

Core Courses (9 Credits)

CE 7373 Environmental Chemistry & Microbiology, Credits: 3.00
CE 7423 Water & Wastewater Treatment, Credits: 3.00
CE 7223 Hydrology, Credits: 3.00

Approved Courses (12 Credits)

12 credits of approved courses in environmental engineering, and chemical and biological engineering at the School of Engineering, and environmental health science at New York University, including up to 6 approved transfer credits.

Suggested Approved Courses

BIOL-GA 1004 Environmental Health, Credits: 3.00 (NYU CAS)
EHSC-GA1010 Weather, Air pollution and Health, Credits: 3.00 (NYU CAS)
EHSC-GA.1006 Toxicology, Credits: 3.00 (NYU CAS)
CE 7233 Groundwater Hydrology and Pollution, Credits: 3.00
CE 7393 Advanced Environmental Chemistry & Microbiology, Credits: 3.00
CE 7433 Advanced Water & Wastewater Treatment, Credits: 3.00
CE 7473 Analysis of Stream and Estuary Pollution, Credits: 3.00
CE 7673 Environmental Impact Assessment, Credits: 3.00
CE 7703 Solid Waste Management, Credits: 3.00
CE 7753 Environmental Systems Management, Credits: 3.00
CE 7523 Air Pollution, Credits: 3.00
CE 7553 Environmental Toxicology, Credits: 3.00
CE 9963 Ms Project in Civil & Urban Engineering Department, Credits: 3.00
CE 9973 Please Refer to Catalog

Electives (9 Credits)

9 credits of approved elective courses