Guidance Committee - Electrical Engineering, PhD

Upon passing the qualifying examination, you must find a faculty member in your major interest area to serve as your dissertation adviser. You will work with your dissertation adviser to find an adviser for a minor area outside of electrical engineering and a guidance committee of at least 3 faculty members. The dissertation adviser usually acts as chairman. At least 1 other guidance committee member must be in your research interest area; this member may be from outside of the School of Engineering.

The minor adviser may be a member of the guidance committee. You must submit names of these guidance committee members to the Office of Graduate Programs for approval. The dissertation adviser approves the study program in the your major and the minor adviser approves the program of courses in the minor.

When the requirements for minor or major are completed, you should have the relevant adviser certify the completion in writing to the Office of Graduate Affairs, with copies to the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering’s Graduate Office. The guidance committee conducts the area examination and dissertation defense and approves the final dissertation.