Approved 2-Course Sequences

Systems and Information Science

EL5013 - EL5023 or EL6013 or EL6023 or EL6033    (Wireless Communications)
EL5023 - EL5033    (Wireless communications)
EL5123 - EL6123    (Image Processing)
EL5363 - EL5373 or EL6373 or EL6383 or EL7353    (Communication Networks)
EL5823 - EL5123    (Medical Image Processing)
EL5823 - EL6823    (Medical Imaging)
EL6013 - EL6023 or EL6033 or EL6063 or EL6333    (Communications)
EL6023 - EL6033 or EL5023    (Wireless Communications)
EL6063 - EL6073    (Information and Coding Theory)
EL6113 - EL7133 or EL6183    (Signals & Systems)
EL5253 - EL6233    (System Theory)
EL5223 - EL8223    (Controls and Robotics)
EL6253 - EL7253 or EL6233    (Linear Systems)
EL6303 - EL6313    (Probability & Stochastic Processes)
EL6313 - EL6333    (Stochastic Processes & Detection and Estimation)
EL6383 - EL7373    (High-Speed Networking/Switching)
EL7133 - EL7163 or EL6183    (Digital Signal Processing)
EL6233 - EL8233    (Optimal Controls)
EL7353 - EL7363    (Communication Networks)

Computer Science

CS6033 - CS6043    (Algorithms)
CS6133 - CS6143 or CS6183    (Architecture)
CS6233 - CS6243    (Operating Systems)
CS6413 - CS6423    (Compilers)
CS6613 - CS6623    (Artificial Intelligence)

Fields and Waves

EL5733 - EL5463    (Microwave Engineering)
EL6713 - EL6723    (Electromagnetic Fields and Waves)

Materials Science, Electronics, and Power

EL5473 - EL6443    (VLSI Systems)
EL5493 - EL6443    (Computer Engineering)
EL6413 - EL6423 or EL6433    (Electronic Circuits)
EL5673 - EL6603    (Power Electronics)
EL5613 - EL6623 or EL6633 or EL6643 or EL6653    (Power Systems)
EL5673 or EL5683 or EL6603 - EL6683    (Power Electronics and Drives)
EL6603 - EL6663    (Power Electronics and Distributed Generation)
EL6633 - EL6643    (Power Transients)

Other sequences require special approval of the Graduate Adviser. Overlapping sequences do not count for 2 sequences.