RF/Microwaves Option

You can complete and option in RF/Microwaves while fulfilling the requirements for the MS in Electrical Engineering. The RF/Microwave option is designed to meet the growing needs of companies for highly trained professionals skilled in the area of RF and microwave engineering. Curriculum highlights for the RF/Microwave option include RF Engineering, Microwave Devices & Circuits, Radar, Antennas, Analog and Digital Communications, Spread Spectrum, Communications Lab and Electronic Design with a choice of Concentration in Radar/Antenna or Communications/RF Electronics.

Group 1 (18 credits)

Core Courses

EL 5463 Introduction to Rf/Microwave Integrated Circuits, Credits: 3.00
EL 5733 Rf and Microwave Systems Engineering, Credits: 3.00
EL 6113 Digital Signal Processing I, Credits: 3.00
EL 6303 Probability and Stochastic Processes, Credits: 3.00
EL 6713 Electromagnetic Theory and Applications, Credits: 3.00
EL 9313 Sel Top: Telecom Network, Credits: 3.00

Group 2  (12 credits)

Choose one of the following concentrations

Radar/Antenna Concentration

EL 6723 Electromagnetic Radiation and Antennas, Credits: 3.00
EL 6333 Detection and Estimation Theory, Credits: 3.00
EL 9333 Sel Tpcs in Telecomm & Ntwk From Info Sys, Credits: 3.00
EL 9343 Sel Top: Telecom Network, Credits: 3.00

Communications/RF Electronics Concentration

EL 6413 Analog and High Frequency Amplifier Design, Credits: 3.00
EL 6423 Rf Electronics For Wireless Applications, Credits: 3.00
EL 5023 Wireless Information Systems Laboratory I, Credits: 3.00
EL 9323 Sel Top: Telecom Network, Credits: 3.00

For further information regarding RF/Microwave area, contact Prof. Frank Cassara by e-mail at cassara@rama.poly.edu or by telephone at (631) 755-4360.