To fulfill the degree requirements for a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering, you must complete 128 credits with a 2.0 GPA in all courses. Additional requirements include:

  • A grade of C- or better in the following courses:

  • A technical GPA of 2.0 based on all courses prefixed EE, CS, or EL.

To see what your 4-year schedule of classes might look like if you pursued this degree, visit the Typical Course Schedule page. Please pay careful attention to the notes that accompany the schedule as they are essential elements of the program requirements.

Seniors may elect graduate courses labeled EL 5XX3, but not CS 5XX3. To enroll in other graduate courses, seniors must have a 2.7 GPA or better in related courses and adviser approval; juniors must have a 3.0 GPA or better and adviser approval. You are expected to meet the degree requirements in place when you first enrolled in a the School of Engineering program. Those requirements apply as long as you remain in good standing and fewer than 8 years have elapsed since you entered the program. The period for unchanged requirements is proportionately less for a transfer student.

Senior Design Project

In the 2-semester Senior Design Project, a required course for seniors, you will focus on an aspect of electrical engineering. In the first semester, you will develop skills using specialized laboratory equipment and computer-design packages. You will be introduced to techniques for planning projects and how to make effective presentations. You will also learn to balance such design requirements as performance, safety, reliability, and cost effectiveness.

In the final semester, you will design, build, or simulate and test a device or system to meet prescribed engineering specifications. Informal and formal written and public oral presentations will help you prepare for professional careers. Design project students frequently work in groups or pairs to develop interaction skills essential to good engineering.

Senior Thesis

Seniors with a 3.0 GPA or above may register for Senior Thesis in place of the Senior Design Project. The thesis must be design oriented. If you opt to complete a Senior Thesis, you do not need to register for either DP-1 or DP-2 but must instead:

  • Complete 6 total credits of EE 397. We recommend that these credits be taken over the course of 2 semesters;
  • Complete EE 4001;
  • Make a presentation to your thesis adviser that is open for other students and faculty to attend; and
  • Bind your thesis according to the School of Engineering's guidelines for MS and PhD theses.

Before registering for Senior Thesis, you must arrange for a faculty member to serve as thesis adviser. Students in the Honors Program must complete a Senior Thesis, unless they have completed a MS thesis as part of their participation in the BS/MS Program. In such cases, the MS Thesis fulfills the requirement instead.

Senior Honors Students

Each spring, the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering selects senior honors students from among current juniors with high GPAs who will complete their degree requirements in the following academic year. Such students are listed as honor students in that year’s commencement program and are given special permission to substitute courses in their senior year. Most often these students substitute more advanced graduate courses in place of usual requirements in the same study area. Transfer students are eligible for this designation after they complete half of the credits needed to satisfy the School of Engineering degree requirements (e.g., 64 of 128 total credits).