You must complete 30 credits of coursework to complete the Master of Science in Construction Management program. You must also maintain a minimum of a B average in all graduate courses you take at the School of Engineering.

Major Requirement Courses

Select a minimum of 15 credits (5 courses), but not exceeding 24 credits (8 courses) from the following courses:

CE 7983 Spec Top in Infra Syst & Construction I, Credits: 3.00
CE 7993 Slctd Topic in Construction II, Credits: 3.00
CE 8243 Construction Modeling Techniques, Credits: 3.00
CE 8253 Project Management For Construction, Credits: 3.00
CE 8263 Construction Cost Estimating, Credits: 3.00
CE 8273 Contracts and Specifications, Credits: 3.00
CE 8283 Risk Analysis, Credits: 3.00
CE 8293 Construction Operations Analysis, Credits: 3.00
CE 8303 Information Systems in Project Management, Credits: 3.00
CE 8313 Engineering For Construction I: Methods and Technologies, Credits: 3.00
CE 8323 Engineering For Construction II: Design, Credits: 3.00
CE 8333 Marketing For Construction Management and Engineering Services, Credits: 3.00
CE 8343 Construction Site Safety, Credits: 3.00
CE 8353 Construction Scheduling, Credits: 3.00
CE 8363 Building Information Modeling Project Controls, Credits: 3.00
CE 8373 Construction Accounting and Finance, Credits: 3.00
CE 993X Ms Project in Construction Management, Credits: 3.00
MG 8203 Project Management, Credits: 3.00
MG 6013 Organizational Behavior, Credits: 3.00

Note: The above list is subject to change as courses are added to, or deleted from the program.

Minor Concentration Courses

You must complete a minor concentration of study approved by a Construction Management Program Director and consisting of a minimum of 6 credits (2 courses). from any graduate academic program at the School of Engineering, or any other concentrated area of study approved by a Construction Management Program Director.

Remaining Credits

Select the remaining credits to fulfill the 30-credit requirement from the Civil Engineering or Construction Management MS programs that bear a CE xxxx or TR xxxx designation, or that you have authorization by a program director to take. If your minor concentration area is from the Civil Engineering Department, you must select your remaining credits from other electives at the School of Engineering.

Note that some electives involve prerequisites that you may not have completed. You cannot register for a course for which you have not satisfied the stated prerequisites unless you have the written permission of both the course instructor and a Construction Management Program Director.