Leaders from the engineering and construction professions, comprising a Department Advisory Board, help to assess and update the Construction Management Bachelor of Science curriculum. The general requirements of the curriculum accommodate the continually expanding requirements of the profession, advancements in knowledge, and the contributions of related disciplines. Its offerings are intended to exceed minimum requirements by subject area of the American Council for Construction Engineering (ACCE) Standards and Criteria for Accreditation.

Below is a summary of courses by subject area required to complete the 128-credit program. A typical four-year schedule for the program will give you a sense of what your 4 years of study at the School of Engineering will look like.

Required Courses

Mathematics (12 Credits)

MA 1024 Calculus I, Credits: 4.00
MA Mathematics Elective (recommended: MA 1124 Calculus II, Credits: 4.00 or MA 1424 Integrated Calculus II, Credits: 4.00)
MA 2054 Applied Business Data Analysis I, Credits: 4.00 or MA 2212 Data Analysis I, Credits: 2.00
MA 2222 Data Analysis II, Credits: 2.00

Physical Sciences (7 Credits)

CM 1004 General Chemistry For Engineers, Credits: 4.00
PH 1013 Mechanics, Credits: 3.00

Humanities and Social Sciences (24 Credits)

EN 1013W College Writing Workshop, Credits: 3.00
HuSS 1023W First-Year Writing Seminar, Credits: 3.00
6 HuSS electives (at least 1 should be in philosophy and contain at least 1 credit of ethics; at least 1 should be a 2xxx level course; at least 1 must be a writing-intensive course, indicated by a "W")

Business and Management (18 Credits)

MG 2204 Financial Accounting, Credits: 4.00
FIN 2103 Creating and Understanding Financial Statements, Credits: 3.00
FIN 2003 Economic Foundations of Finance, Credits: 3.00
Economics level 2xxx elective
2 MG/EC/FIN level 2xxx electives
2 MG/EC/FIN level 3xxx electives

Civil Engineering (9 Credits)

CE 2113 Statics, Credits: 3.00
CE 2123 Mechanics of Materials, Credits: 3.00
CE elective (a civil engineering elective that you have the approved prerequisites to take)

Construction Management (42 Credits)

CE 1502 Leadership & Foundations of Const Mgmt, Credits: 2.00
CE 2504 Construction Modeling and Data Structures I, Credits: 4.00
CE 2513 Construction Materials & Methods, Credits: 3.00
CE 2523 Contracts & Construction Documents, Credits: 3.00
CE 3503 Cost Estimating, Credits: 3.00
CE 3513 Construction Scheduling, Credits: 3.00
CE 3532 Construction Site Layout, Credits: 2.00
CE 3541 Surveying, Credits: 1.00
CE 3553 Non-Structural Building Systems, Credits: 3.00
CE 3563 Construction Modeling and Data Structures II, Credits: 3.00
CE 4503 Construction Engineering, Credits: 3.00
CE 4513 Construction Project Administration, Credits: 3.00
CE 4523 Structural Building Systems, Credits: 3.00
CE 4533 Construction Law, Credits: 3.00
CE 4543 Construction Management Project, Credits: 3.00

Other (16 Credits)

EG 1001 Engineering and Technology Forum, Credits: 1.00
EG 1003 Introduction to Engineering and Design, Credits: 3.00
CS 1133 Engineering Problem Solving and Programming, Credits: 3.00
2 liberal arts and sciences electives
Free elective