Beginning with the Fall 2017 term, our Civil and Urban Engineering program will offer a minor (rather than a major) in Construction Management. Please refer to our Bulletin for information on the Construction Management Minor.

Leaders from the engineering and construction professions, comprising a Department Advisory Board, help to assess and update the Construction Management Bachelor of Science curriculum. The general requirements of the curriculum accommodate the continually expanding requirements of the profession, advancements in knowledge, and the contributions of related disciplines.

Below is a summary of courses by subject area required to complete the 128-credit program. A typical four-year schedule for the program will give you a sense of what your 4 years of study at the School of Engineering will look like.

Required Courses

Mathematics (12 Credits)1,2


 +   MA Mathematics Elective (recommended: MA1124 or MA1424)            4 Credits

Physical Sciences (7 Credits)

Humanities and Social Sciences (24 Credits)3,4

+   Humanities/Social Sciences Electives                                                    16 Credits

Business and Management (16 Credits)5



   Level II Elective in Economics                                                       3 or 4 Credits

+   MG/EC/FIN Level II Electives                                                       Various Credits
+   MG/EC/FIN Level III Electives                                          Not less than 5 Credits

Civil Engineering (9 Credits)

+   CE Elective6                                                                                              3 Credits

Construction Management (43 Credits)

Other (18 Credits)

+   Liberal Arts and Sciences Elective                                                          8 Credits

+   See footnote 8

Total Credits for Degree:                                 128 Credits




1Students may substitute MA-UY 1324, which includes two additional contact hours, for MA-UY 1024.

2The department recommends that students take MA-UY 1124 Calculus II for Engineers (or MA-UY 1424 Integrated Calculus II for Engineers) as the MA Elective.

3All students take a writing placement examination. Students for whom English is a second language may be placed in an ESL section, which includes additional hours of language education. Students also may be placed in a remedial section, based upon the exam results, which may or may not carry degree credit.

4Student must complete 16 additional credits in Humanities and Social Sciences. At least one elective shall contain at least one credit of ethics. At least one elective must be a 3xxx/4xxx level course. At least one elective must be a writing-intensive course, labeled by “W.”

5Students are required to complete 16 credits of Business and Management courses, with at least two courses (5 credits) from level III or higher courses. (One additional business and management credit is attributed to CE-UY 4533 Construction Law). A level II course has a 2xxx number, while a level III course has a 3xxx number. Level III electives generally have a prerequisite of a related level II elective. Since courses may be three or four credits, the number of courses necessary to complete this requirement may vary.

6CE elective is any non-construction management course with a CE prefix for which the student has the approved prerequisites.

7Students must complete 60 credits in liberal arts and sciences, which includes mathematics, physical sciences and humanities and social sciences.

8Two unallocated credits may be satisfied by additional credits in any subject area courses.