To obtain a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering, you must complete 128 credits. A sample semester-by-semester look at your program can be found on the Typical Course Schedule page

On this page, you'll find:

Grade Requirements

The Institute requires a 2.0 GPA in all courses and specifies other general requirements in the section “Undergraduate Academic Programs and Policies,” beginning on page 16 of the School of Engineering catalog which describes the core curriculum for all engineering majors, including placement procedures in writing, mathematics and programming; course credits by transfer and advanced placement; and credit by examination.

To graduate with a BS in Computer Engineering, you must:

1) Have a C-grade or better in:

2) Have a technical GPA of 2.0 based on all courses prefixed EE, CS or EL. Seniors may elect graduate courses labeled EL 5XX3, but not CS 5XX3. To enroll in other graduate courses, you must meet required department GPA standards and adviser approval.

Senior Design Project

The 2-semester Senior Design Project allows you to focus on an application of computer engineering. In the first semester, you and your classmates will concentrate on hardware and/or software. You will develop skills using specialized laboratory equipment and computer-design packages and will be introduced to techniques for planning projects and making effective presentations. You will learn to balance design requirements such as performance, safety, reliability, and cost effectiveness.

In the second and final semester, you will design, build or simulate, and test a device or system to meet prescribed engineering specifications.

Senior Thesis

If as an undergraduate computer engineering student you wish to do a Senior Thesis (BS thesis) instead of Design Project (DP), you must:

  • Complete 6 total credits of EE 397
  • Complete EE 4001
  • Make a presentation to your thesis adviser, with attendance open to other students and faculty; and
  • Bind your thesis according to Institute guidelines for MS and PhD theses.

Note: For the thesis, you do need not register for Design Project I or Design Project II. Before registering for Senior Thesis, you must find a faculty member to serve as thesis adviser. In addition, you must have a 3.0 GPA in order to register for Senior Thesis instead of Design Project.

Additional notes:

  • The Senior Thesis must be design oriented
  • The 6 credits of DP-1 and DP-2 are replaced by 6 credits of Senior Thesis (EE 397)
  • You are advised not to take all 6 credits of Senior Thesis during a single semester