Degree Requirements

Required Core Courses (12 Credits)

Physical chemistry

Organic chemistry

Analytical chemistry (choose 1 of the following)

Inorganic chemistry, polymer chemistry, or biochemistry (choose 1 of the following)

Seminar (1.5 Credits)

Chemical Literature (1.5 Credits)

Chemical Colloquium (0 Credits)

Chemical Laboratory Safety (0 Credits)

Guided Studies Project (3 Credits, or MS Thesis in Chemistry: 9 Credits)


Electives (12 Credits, or 6 credits for students completing MS Thesis)

At least two courses from CM listings, other courses from CM, BE, BT and CBE listings

Total: 30 Credits


To meet graduation requirements, students must have an overall B average in all courses (excluding seminar, chemical information, and guided studies). Where CM-GY 9731 and CM-GY 5021 are not offered, they may be replaced by an elective course. Students must be in continuous attendance at the departmental colloquia (CM 9710).