Degree Requirements

As a candidate for the MS in Chemistry degree, you should plan your program in accordance with list of requirements below. Thirty credits are required to complete the program.

To meet graduation requirements, you must have an overall B average in all courses (excluding seminar, chemical information, and guided studies).

If these aren't offered:
They may be replaced by an elective course or a second Guided Studies project

You must be in continuous attendance at the departmental colloquia

Required Core Courses (12 Credits)

Physical chemistry

Organic chemistry

Analytical chemistry (choose 1 of the following)

Inorganic chemistry, polymer chemistry, or biochemistry (choose 1 of the following)

Electives (12 Credits)

2 courses from CM listing and 2 courses from the CM, BE, BT, and CBE listings. (You can find the course listings in the catalog.)

Seminar (1.5 Credits)

Chemical Literature (1.5 Credits)

Chemical Colloquium (0 Credits)

Chemical Laboratory Safety (0 Credits)

Guided Studies Project (3 Credits)

Graduate Courses

Inorganic Chemistry

Physical Chemistry

Organic Chemistry


Analytical Chemistry

Polymer Chemistry

Projects, Theses and Seminars