Degree Requirements

You must complete a minimum of 75 credits of academic work past the bachelor’s degree, including a minimum of 45 credits of dissertation research, to complete the PhD in Chemical Engineering program. Although you may elect to take more than 45 credits of PhD thesis, only 45 of those credits can be counted in the required 75 credits. Furthermore, of those 45 credits, at least 36 must be taken beyond MS thesis and at the School of Engineering. A minimum of 30 graduate credits beyond the bachelor’s degree (not including PhD or MS thesis credits) are required in chemical engineering subjects, of which at least 12 must be taken at the School of Engineering. Attendance is required at departmental seminars for at least 4 semesters.

You must also pass a comprehensive qualifying examination in chemical engineering and present a doctoral dissertation. The qualifying exam is given once a year. Additional details on the qualifying examination should be obtained from your graduate adviser.

To meet graduation requirements, you must have an overall B average in all courses, excluding thesis, and must not obtain more than 2 grades of C in required subjects. Candidates for the degree Doctor of Philosophy in Chemical Engineering should plan their programs in accordance with the requirements below.

Required Subjects (12 Credits)

CBE 6153 Applied Mathematics in Engineering, Credits: 3.00
CBE 6333 Transport Phenomena, Credits: 3.00
CBE 6733 Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics, Credits: 3.00
CBE 6813 Chemical Reactor Analysis and Design, Credits: 3.00
CBE 9910 Seminar in Chemical & Biology Engineering, Credits: .00 (must take for 2 years)
CBE 9920 Seminar in Chemical & Biological Engineering, Credits: .00 (must take for 2 years)

Electives (18 Credits)

Choose at least 3 electives (9 credits) from CBE 6003-CBE 9413. Chose the remaining number of credits from other graduate programs with the approval of the graduate adviser in chemical engineering.

Thesis (45 Credits)

CBE 9993 PhD Thesis, Credits: 45.00

Up to 9 credits of Master's Thesis can be added here.