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The expansion of the global marketplace comes with increasing technological advances, logistical challenges, and unpredictable variables. In this highly-competitive environment, skilled Project Managers are in high demand. Project managers are the team leaders that hold everything together, using their skills and training to get the job done on time and on budget. The Advanced Certificate in Project Management at the School of Engineering is designed for those who want to focus on the management of the day-to-day operations of private industry. Our students are trained to manage everything from individual research and development to large-scale and complex technological systems. They are taught the basics of business, such as feasibility and risk analysis, project selection, logistics, negotiations and contracts, and finance, as well as how to develop and effectively manage operations in knowledge-intensive enterprises. In the School of Engineering program we will help you manage the effective integration of technology, people and operating systems in the global landscape of modern business. We place a special emphasis on global, technology-enabled innovation and coordinating worldwide business activities, such as R&D and new product development on a global scale, in addition to the growing prominence of IT and e-Business in global innovation.