Is NYU Tandon Online Right for Me?

When considering whether an online education is right for you, NYU Tandon Online encourages you to factor in your work and personal schedule, familiarity with computers, self-motivation, communication skills, and career goals.

Schedule: If your work and personal schedule does not permit you to attend any of the School of Engineering's campuses on a regular basis, then NYU Tandon Online can bring the course directly to you via your computer.

Computer familiarity: If you are comfortable using the Internet, e-mailing, creating electronic documents, and transferring files, then NYU Tandon Online can deliver a top-notch education to you.

Self-motivation: If you are a working professional, able to develop a feasible study schedule, dedicate time for viewing lectures, and complete assignments within a week, then NYU Tandon Online can provide a quality online program that fits your life.

Communication skills: If you are comfortable typing and have command of the English language, then NYU Tandon Online can convey the knowledge you need to succeed in its courses.

Career goals: If you want a supportive online environment, connections with peers pursuing similar goals, and the power to take your career to the next level, then NYU Tandon Online is right for you.

Why learn online?

Earning a degree online has become an efficient way for many people to continue their education, and employers know that today's most prepared learners become tomorrow's most desirable professionals.

  • Online learning eliminates geographical, physical, and time barriers that could otherwise prevent you from attending class
  • NYU Tandon Online’s 24/7 accessibility means that learning can happen whenever it is most convenient for you
  • Instead of commuting to a classroom, you attend class online by logging in at any time during the week. Lectures are presented electronically, homework is posted online, class participation is as easy as sending an e-mail, and your professors are just a click away.
  • The online learning experience enhances your computer and Internet skills, which are highly desirable in today's workplace
  • Our highly involved instructors will provide weekly encouragement for you to review course materials and participate in online discussions
  • The online format provides a self-paced learning environment, allowing you to speed up or slow down depending on you learning style

Am I eligible for the NYU Tandon Online program?

To be eligible for NYU Tandon Online’s graduate degree programs, you must meet the requirements for traditional graduate admission at the NYU Tandon School of Engineering. Please review NYU Tandon Online's Online Application and Requirements.