Scheduling an Exam and Testing

Summer Midterm Exam Schedule

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you do not see your class, please contact your instructor for more information.

The following online courses have confirmed that paper-based proctoring is needed for the Summer Midterm Exam Schedule: (all exams below are on the Brooklyn Campus):

Course Number Date/Time Room Number
EL 6413 July 9th 6 pm – 9 pm   JAB 775
EL 6113 July 9th 6 pm – 9 pm   JAB 775

If your NYU-ePoly online course requires proctored testing, you may be required to arrange for a proctoring facility if you do not live in the physical service area of the School of Engineering. Please click here to find out more about alternative testing sites.

*If you would like to take your exam on the Brooklyn campus, exam registration is not required.

If you like to take your exam on the School of Engineering Long Island or the School of Engineering Westchester campus, please e-mail your request to

If you have a time conflict, and are unable to take your exam at the assigned date and time, please e-mail your course instructor and to request approval for an alternative time slot.

Should you have any questions regarding proctoring, please e-mail our office at or call 718-260-3623.

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