Cybersecurity, MS - Management Track

Securing the information assets of an enterprise depend on more than just a solid technical foundation. It requires an overall security management approach that combines the business needs of the enterprise, the technical and business risks associated with those information assets, the relevant legal issues, and how the systems interact with people: the developers, the system managers, and the internal external users. The MS-Cyber Management track is based on a solid technical background, enhanced with these business and management skills.

Professional Opportunities: As a graduate of this program, you'll be ready for a career that emphasizes the management of a team of cyber-security experts, working with both the technical experts and management to secure the information assets that are key to the business objectives of the enterprise. Typical positions would include IT Risk Manager, IT Security Manager, and Chief Information Security Officer (CIS).

The cyber security management track is tailored to professionals with strong technical backgrounds who are interested in managing computer security within IT organizations. The track’s three management courses (CS 6833, 6863, and 6883) address the fundamentals of information security management, including risk management, legal issues, policy, and operational best practices, as well as the basic business principles that drive the security decisions. The curriculum focuses on integrating security technology with the appropriate management methodology needed in today’s complex environments.

Admissions Requirements

The admissions requirements for this program are parallel to the on-campus requirements. Click here, to view the admissions requirements.

Required Courses to Complete Cybersecurity, MS Degree with a Management Track

Computer Science: 3 core course totaling 9 credits

CS 6233 Introduction to Operating Systems, Credits: 3.00
CS 6843 Computer Networking, Credits: 3.00
CS 6033 Design and Analysis of Algorithms I, Credits: 3.00

Security Technology: 2 courses totaling 6 credits

CS 6813 Information, Security and Privacy, Credits: 3.00
CS 6823 Network Security, Credits: 3.00

Security Management: 3 courses totaling 9 credits

CS 6833 Introduction to Information Security Management, Credits: 3.00
CS 6863 Fundamentals of Security Information Management, Credits: 3.00
CS 6883 Practices in Information Security Management, Credits: 3.00

Electives: 2 courses totaling 6 credits

You may select relevant courses from the School of Engineering or from other schools in New York University, including courses in the business, psychology, law, schools/departments. Selected courses must be approved by the Program Committee. All the following courses have been preapproved; others must be approved by the Program Committee.

CS 6573 Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Analysis, Credits: 3.00
CS 9093 Biometrics, Credits: 3.00
CS 6963 Digital Forensics, Credits: 3.00
CS 9963 Advanced Project in Computer Science, Credits: 3.00
CS 6243 Operating Systems II, Credits: 3.00
CS 6043 Design and Analysis of Algorithms II, Credits: 3.00
CS 6133 Computer Architecture I, Credits: 3.00
CS 9163 Application Security, Credits: 3.00

Note 1: Course CS 6803 cannot be taken as an elective due to the overlap with material in CS 68333, CS 6863, CS 6883

Degree Requirements: 30 Credits