Cybersecurity, CT: NYU-ePoly

As the demand for skilled information-security professionals continues to grow, computer and network professionals can now turn to this in-demand graduate certificate to emerge as sophisticated cyber security specialists. Acquire a solid foundation in key technologies—computer and network security, digital forensics, cryptography and biometrics. You will be able to apply your skills immediately to manage the risk of cyber attacks. At Polytechnic, you study with internationally recognized faculty from Information Systems and Internet Security (ISIS) Laboratory.

5 Required Courses (15 credits)

Take These 3 Required Core Courses (9 credits)

CS 6803 Information Systems Security Engineering and Management, Credits: 3.00
CS 6813 Information, Security and Privacy, Credits: 3.00
CS 6823 Network Security, Credits: 3.00

Choose 2 Electives (6 credits)

CS 6573 Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Analysis, Credits: 3.00
CS 9963 Advanced Project in Computer Science, Credits: 3.00
CS 9093 Biometrics, Credits: 3.00
CS 9163 Application Security, Credits: 3.00