Dean's Welcome

Welcome from the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs

As a member of the School of Engineering's Honors Program you will be a part of an educational experience in an academically challenging surrounding that actively fosters both critical thinking and creativity in the sciences and technology. You will be joining the School of Engineering in its mission of i2e - invention, innovation and entrepreneurship - and we know that you will be a valuable addition to this vision of the future.

Your curricular and extra-curricular life at the School of Engineering will build a strong foundation upon which you can build your professional life. To that end, we invite you to take advantage of all the resources the School of Engineering has to offer its undergraduates during your time here - from completing publishable research with faculty to finding inspiration from the robust culture of New York City.

You will be a part of a select cohort of students who promise to become some of the country's leading thinkers, scientists and engineers. We welcome you to this exciting and innovative journey!


Iraj Kalkhoran, Associate Dean of Undergraduate Academics and Acting Director of the Honors Program

Mission Overview

The Honors Program serves as a magnet for attracting academically superior undergraduates to the School of Engineering. It accepts students of exceptional talent and promise from a variety of backgrounds. Honors Program students have the opportunity to work one-on-one with faculty mentors, who, among other things, stress interdisciplinary research, originality of thought and active learning. Honors Program students form a talented cadre of high-achievers who will become engineers, scientists, managers and other professionals positioned for leadership roles in our emerging knowledge-based economy. They will also form a highly enthusiastic and supportive part of the University's alumni population and enhance the overall reputation of the University for delivering excellence in education.

Building on a Distinguished Heritage

The Honors Program is built on a strong heritage. Approximately three decades ago the School of Engineering had an Honors Program which graduated a number of very distinguished alumni. Some of these Honors Program graduates are now on the School of Engineering faculty, while others have joined the faculties of other universities across the country and some have become leaders in corporations, government, research and development and the public sector. Many of these alumni are also successful entrepreneurs. Hence, the new Honors Program is anchored, albeit in a Twenty-First Century mode, on a unique and robust foundation.