Frequently Asked Questions


What is the last day to apply for a new scholarship or upgrade?

The deadline to apply for a Graduate Center merit based scholarship is July 31st 2013 for the fall 2013 semester.

If I have the required CGPA do I need to apply for renewal of scholarship?

No, the renewal process is automatic, provided you have received a merit scholarship prior to the fall 2013 semester.

How many times can I apply for an upgrade of my merit scholarship?

You may only apply once. You must have completed 18 credits or more with a CGPA of 3.833 or more to be eligible.

Are PhD students eligible for Graduate Center merit scholarships?

No, only Master’s students can apply for a scholarship. If you are a Certificate, Visiting Student or a PhD student you do not qualify for a Graduate center merit scholarship program.

When will the results of application be announced?

After the deadline of July 31st.  Students who meet the criteria and are selected for the scholarship will be sent a financial aid award notice via email.

I have scholarship from an external agency; should I apply for a merit scholarship?

Yes, you can still apply for a merit based scholarship as long as you meet the criteria. Your total scholarship/discount can not exceed the tuition amount.

I am in my final semester and registered for less than full time, am I eligible for scholarship?

Yes, your scholarship amount will be adjusted according to your credit load for that semester and is subject to CGPA criteria.

I am in financial need, are there any other scholarships I can apply for?

There are many outside scholarships available. Please review the Financial Aid Webpage: