Graduate Scholarships and Awards

The Graduate Center works to provide a wide variety of funding opportunities for graduate students in certificate, master’s, and doctoral programs. Listed below are some of the opportunities available to our current and newly-admitted students. The School of Engineering's Office of Financial Aid is another resource for finding scholarships and funding sources.

The Graduate Center Merit-Based Scholarship

The Graduate Center awards merit-based scholarships to qualifying students pursuing a master's degree. Students are considered during their application evaluation period, and are not required to submit additional documentation unless requested by the Graduate Center. Scholarships are only distributed for the spring and fall semesters.

If you weren’t awarded a Graduate Center Merit-Based Scholarship for your first semester of study, you can apply again after your first semester at the School of Engineering. In order to qualify for a scholarship, you must maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher. Learn how to submit your application.

The Graduate Center Best Student Paper Award

This award is given annually to the best published student paper during the past year. It is designed to support the School of Engineering's invention, innovation, and entrepreneurship (i2e) philosophy. The recipient of this award is chosen by the School of Engineering faculty members and is administered by the Office of Graduate Center. For application instructions, please visit the Graduate Center.

The Graduate Center Patent Award

The purpose of the Graduate Center Patent Award is to recognize individuals who have contributed new intellectual property in the form of a granted patent. The School of Engineering has a rich history of innovation and invention that has inspired our i2e (invention, innovation, and entrepreneurship) philosophy, which this award was designed to promote and support. This award recognizes the efforts of an individual student or a group of students who filed a patent with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. For application instructions, please visit the Graduate Center.

The Graduate Center Need-Based Fund

The Graduate Center’s Need-Based Fund is intended to address situations where a financial need beyond a student’s control arises. Students who apply will be considered for a Need-Based Award or Graduate Center Loan. Need-Based Awards or Graduate Center Loans are subjected to funding availability and are not guaranteed. Need-Based Awards are only applied to one semester and are not continued in future semesters. You must be a registered student to be considered for this award and provide supporting documentation. To obtain the application, please visit the Graduate Center.

Corporate Employee Discounts

The School of Engineering has arrangements with several organizations that enable employees of those organizations to be eligible for a tuition reduction. You must provide proof of employment from a supervisory level to qualify, and for most corporate scholarships, you must also make satisfactory academic progress. Please note that some corporate discounts cannot be combined with a Graduate Tuition Fellowship or Tuition Award. See if your organization is eligible.