Employers: Hiring Students

Departments receive approvals for GSET positions at the beginning of the academic year. Check with your department head to see how many GSET positions your department has been approved for. Once you've posted your position(s) to CareerNet, interviewed, and selected student(s) to work for your department, follow the steps below.

Completing the Hiring Process

  1. Issue an Employment Letter to the student. (Contact Human Resources for guidance on the format of the letter.)
  2. Generate a Personnel Action Form (PAF) for the student. (Contact HR for details.) 
  3. Have the student sign the GSET Acceptance Letter and submit it to the Graduate Center (Rogers Hall, room 102)


  • The student will receive payment only after he/she submits his/her SSN to Human Resources
  • Please do not allow any student to fill more than 20 hours per week