3-Credit vs. 4-Credit Reference Tables

Reference Tables on this Page

Elective Course Replacements

Students who have taken an old 4-credit course cannot enroll for credit in the corresponding 3-credit course.

New Course



New Course


AH 2113 AH 2114   PL 2113 PL 2034
EN 1013W  EN 1014   PL 2143 PL 2064
EN 1013H EN 1014-Honors   PL 2243 PL 2084
EN 1033W  EN 1034   PL 2253 PL 2084
HUSS 1023W EN 1204   PL 2273 PL 2094
EN 1203H EN 1204-Honors   PL 2283 PL 2114
EN 1233W EN 1234   PL 2293 PL 2124
MS 2163 DM 2164   PL 3003 PL 3014
MU 2113 MU 2124   PL 3203 PL 3064
MU 2213 MU 3114   PL 3253 PL 3094
MU 421x MU 3xxx   PS 3813 PS 3314
PL 2003 PL 2014   PS 3833 PS 3444
PL 2013 PL 2024   PS 4443 PS 4124
PL 2023  PL 2164   STS 2243 HI 3324
PL 2103 PL 2074   STS 2253 HI 3424
      URB 2023 LA 3024
      URB 2033 PS 3704

First-Year Writing Courses and Their Equivalents


Course Type

General Edudation Requirement

Old Course / New Course Equivalent

1 Developmental Writing A student may be required to take one of these prior to moving on to the courses below. This is determined by the Writing Program using SAT scores and a placement essay.

old: EN 1090 / new: EN 1090W Introduction to College Writing

old: EN 1080 / new: EN 1080W Introduction to College Writing for ESL Students

 A Writing Requirement A All students must take one of these courses (unless they have transfer credit).

old: EN 1014 / new: EN 1013W College Writing Workshop

old: EN 1014 Honors / new: EN 1013H College Writing Workshop for Honors Students

old: EN 1034 / new: EN 1033W College Writing Workshop for ESL Students

B Writing Requirement B All students must take one of these courses (unless they have transfer credit).

old: EN 1204 / new: HuSS 1023W First-Year Writing Seminar

old: EN 1204 Honors / new: EN 1203H First-Year Writing Seminar for Honors Students

old: EN 1234 / new: EN 1233W First-Year Writing Seminar for ESL Students


Completing First-Year Writing Requirements

  • Typically, students will take one course from row A, pass it, and then take one course from row B. After these two courses have been passed, the student can then move on to his or her writing-intensive TCS course. If a student is placed into either EN 1090 W or EN 1080 W, he or she must pass that course in order to move into one of the classes in row A.
  • Please note that the classes within rows A and B are equivalent as electives (one version is for native English speakers, one is for students in the Honors Program, and one is for non-native English speakers), therefore, these classes all carry the same credit load (3) and a student needs only to pass one class within each row. 
  • The developmental classes (EN 1080 W and EN 1090 W) do not count toward a student’s degree program, but may be required of some students if their SAT and writing exam placement scores dictate.