Course Archive (2005 - 2007)

PH 547 Modern Optics

The physics of optics using both classical and semi-classical descriptions. The classical and quantum interactions of light with matter. Diffraction of waves and wave packets by obstacles. Fourier transforms optics, holography, Fourier transform spectroscopy. Coherence and quantum aspects of light. Geometrical optics. Matrix optics. Crystal optics. Introduction to electro-optics and nonlinear optics. Prerequisites: MA 2122, PH 3234 equivalents.

PH 548 Modern Optics Lab

The modern optics laboratory includes experimental investigations into laser modes, velocity of light by time-of-flight, Fourier optics, holography, Fourier transform spectroscopy, crystal optics and nonlinear optics. Co-/Prerequisite: PH 547 or equivalent.

PH 651/652 Introduction to Solid- State Physics I/II

Phenomena and theory of physics of crystalline solids. Topics from thermal, magnetic, electrical and optical properties of metals, insulators and semiconductors. PH 651 prerequisite: PH 336 or equivalent. PH 652 prerequisite: PH 651.

PH 667/668 Quantum Mechanics I/II

Quantum mechanics with applications to atomic systems. The use of Schroedinger's equations. Angular momentum and spin. Problems and approximation methods. Semi-classical theory of field-matter interaction. Also listed under EL 655/656.

PH 801/802 Selected Topics in Advanced Physics I/II

Current or advanced topics of particular interest to graduate students. Subject matter determined each year by students and faculty. May be given in more than one section. Consult department office for current offerings. Note: this course is not offered every semester.

PH 999 Research in Physics

An original investigation in some branch of physics or chemical physics, which may serve as basis for the MS or PhD degree, to be performed under the direction of a member of the department. The number of research credits registered for each semester should realistically reflect the time devoted to research. Prerequisites: degree status and graduate adviser's and research director's consent.