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The School of Engineering Department of Finance and Risk Engineering Research Paper Series on SSRN (Social Science Research Network)

Book List

Author: Nassim Nicholas Taleb

Author: Charles S. Tapiero

  • Risk Finance and Asset Pricing: Value, Measurement, and Markets by Charles S. Tapiero (October 4, 2010) [details] [where to buy]
  • Supply Chain Games: Operations Management and Risk Valuation (International Series in Operations Research & Management Science) by Konstantin Kogan and Charles S. Tapiero (Oct 3, 2007) [where to buy]
  • Risk and Financial Management: Mathematical and Computational Methods (May 28, 2004) [where to buy]
  • Applied Stochastic Models and Control for Finance and Insurance (April 30, 1998) [where to buy]
  • Les outils et le contrôle de la qualité by Jean-Jacques Daudin and Charles Tapiero (Jan 1, 1996) [where to buy]
  • Premium allocation and risk avoidance in a large firm: A continuous model (Discussion paper / Strategic Management Research Center, University of Minnesota)(Unknown Binding - 1989)
  • Applied Stochastic Models and Control in Management (Advanced Series in Management, Vol 12) (Jan 1988) [where to buy]
  • Managerial Planning: An Optimum and Stochastic Approach (Jan 1, 1978) [where to buy]

Faculty Publications

Charles S. Tapiero

  • Nassim Nicholas Taleb, and Charles S. Tapiero The Risk Externalities of Too Big to Fail (forthcoming)
  • The Price of Safety and Economic Reliability, in Pham Hoang Editor, Safety and Risk Modeling and Its Applications, Springer Verlagm Forthcoming 2009-2010
  • A Claims Persistence Process and Insurance, (with Pierre Vallois), Insurance Economics and Mathematics, Volume 44, Issue 3, June 2009, Pages 367-373
  • Risk-Averse Order policies with random pricies in complete markets and retailers’ private information. European Journal of Operations Research, Tapiero C and K. Kogan, 196, 2009, 594-599
  • Orders and Inventory Commodities with Price and Demand Uncertainty in Complete Markets International Journal of Production Economics, 2008
  • Volatility Estimators and the Inverse Range Process in a Random Volatility Random Walk and Wiener Processes, (with P. Vallois), Physica A, 2007
  • Memory-Based Persistence in A Counting Random Walk Process (with Pierre Vallois), Physica A, October, 2007

Nassim Nicholas Taleb

Anne Zissu

  • "Delta Hedging a Multi-Fixed-Income-Securities Porfolio under Gamma and Vega constraints", with Carlos Ortiz and Charles A. Stone in Journal of Risk Finance (Vol. 10 No.2, 2009)
  • "Delta Hedging a Two-Fixed-Income-Securities Porfolio under Gamma and Vega constraints: the example of mortgage servicing rights", co-authored with Carlos Ortiz and Charles A. Stone in The Journal of Financial Transformation (Vol. 25, 2009; pp8-11 [Ledaing article])
  • "Delta Hedging an IO securities backed by Senior Life Settlements", co-authored with Charles A. Stone in The Journal of Structured Finance (Summer 2009)

Zhaoxia Xu

Lucas Bernard

  • "Agricultural Commodities and their Financialization", (w/ A. Greiner & W. Semmler), Aestimatio: The IEB International Journal of Finance, 5: (February 25th, 2012)
  • "Boom–bust cycles: Leveraging, complex securities, and asset prices", co-authored with Willi Semmler, (September 8th, 2011), in DEGIT-XVI [Event] [Article]
  • "IT Tools for Financial Asset Management & Engineering, (book chapter) in: The Companion to Financial Engineering", (T. Beder and C. Marshall, editors), Wiley-Blackwell (2011)
  • "Boundedly Rational Exuberance in Commodity Markets — Some Comments on Bertrand Munier", (w/ W. Semmler), Risk and Decision Analysis (Volume 2, Issue 1, 2010)
  • "Banking, Complex Securities, and the Credit Crisis", (w/ W. Semmler), Economic & Political Weekly (VOL 44, No. 13, March 28 - April 03, 2009)

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