Selected Press about CSE Faculty Research

Online Privacy of Minors

For Children, a Lie on Facebook Has Consequences, Study Finds (Ross)
New York Times, November 28, 2012

Kids Who Lie About Their Age on Facebook Endanger Their Friends (Ross)
Jezebel, November 29, 2012

The School of Engineering Researchers Find Weakness in Facebook’s Protections for Minors (Ross)
Technoverse Blog, December 20, 2012

Osmos Game

Interview: Andy Nealen of Osmos (Nealen)
Tek Syndicate, April 19, 2012

Trends in Facebook Privacy

Facebook Privacy in Demand: Users Don't Want You Prying (Ross)
Huffington Post, February 2012

Gabbay, Ross Discuss Trends Among Facebook Users (Ross)
Bloomberg, February 2012

More Facebook users are hiding their friends to protect themselves (Ross)
Infoworld, February 2012

Gesture-Based Login

Logging In With a Touch or a Phrase (Memon)
New York Times, December 2011

Gesture-Based Login Apps For iPad And iPhone Aim To Banish Passwords From Touchscreens (Isbister and Memon)
Forbes, November 2011

NYU's Memon on Biometric Password Technology (Memon)
Bloomberg, November 2011

Hacking into Email

F.B.I. Admits Hacker Group’s Eavesdropping (Ross)
New York Times, February 2012

Cyber Security Awareness Week (CSAW) and Cyber Security Education

CSAW 2012 (Cappos)
NY1, November 2012

CSAW Attracts Top Cyber Security Hackers and Professionals (Cappos and Memon)
News 12 TV, December 2011

Young Hackers Gather for Cyber Security Awareness Week (Memon)
NY1, November 2011.

Wanted: ‘Cyber Ninjas’ (Memon)
New York Times, December 2009

Computer Hacking Contest (Memon)
ABC Education New, December 2009

Mobile Security and Privacy

Improving Mobility Infrastructure Security Standards (Cappos and Memon)
The Mobile Security Show- AT&T Tech, November 2011.

Your phone company is selling your personal data (Memon)
CNN Money, November 2011

Tracking Skype Users’ Locations and Downloads

Big privacy flaw in Skype (Ross)
NPR, October 2011

Skype can expose your location, researchers say (Ross)
New York Times, October 2011

Skype's huge, new security headaches (Ross)
Fast Company, October 2011

Malicious ISPs

Small ISPs use "malicious" DNS servers to watch Web searches, earn cash (Ross)
Ars Technia, August 2011

ISP-operated servers alter search results (Ross)
The Register, August 2011

Kinect Research

Notions of Motion: Hackers Harness Microsoft's Kinect for Business and Pleasure Applications (Isbister)
Scientific American, February 2011

How the X-box Kinect Tracks your Moves (Isbister)
NPR Science Friday, November 2010

How Wii and Kinect Hack into Your Emotions (Isbister), November 2010

Microsoft Flip-flops on Kinect Computer ‘Hack’ (Isbister)
PC World (online), November 2010

The Problem with Microsoft’s New Way to Play Videogames (Isbister), November 2010

Cloud Computing and Package Managers

How Cloud Computing & Web Services are Changing the Job Market (Cappos)
Mashable Business, February 2011

Attacks on Package Managers (Cappos), April 2009

The Deep Web

Exploring a ‘Deep Web’ That Google Can’t Grasp (Freire)
New York Times, February 2009

The Dark side of the Internet (Friere)
The Guardian, November 2009

The Web That's Hidden From You (Freire)
NPR, December 2009

Photo and Network Forensics

New Way to Detect Digital Child Pornography? (Memon)
ABC News, April 2010

Sleuthing Software Can Reassemble Deleted Photos (Memon)
New York Times, February 2009

CIOs: Your networks have already been compromised (Memon)
Macworld, June 2009

Movement and HCI/Games

Grand Theft Auto invades the DS (Isbister)
Wall Street Journal, March 2009

How America got game (Isbister)
Parade Magazine, November 2008


A New Vision for Scientific Visualization (Freire and Silva)
National Science Foundation, March 2009

Wrapping a Globe

Sweet Inspiration (Iacono)
Science, Vol. 321. no. 5894, pp. 1282 – 1283, September 2008.

Peer-to-Peer Security and Video Streaming

Web users could slash cost of putting video online (Ross)
New Scientist, September 2007

File-sharing sites are being subverted for web attacks (Ross)
New Scientist, May 2007

Intelligent Agents for Games

A Short History of Story (Isbister)
BBC World, November 2011

Next generation storytelling (Isbister)
The Escapist Magazine, April 2007

Hey, man, let’s play videogame dress up (Isbister)
New York Times, July 1 2007


Bogus analysis led to terror alert in Dec. 2003 (Memon)
NBC News, June 2005

Faculty Profiles and Interviews

Interview: Katherine Isbister (Isbister)
Kill Screen, December 2010

Conquering the Digital Data Overload (Freire)
Live Science, December 2009

Forty under 40 (Freire)