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July 2014

NSA targets college students to fill cyber professionals shortage

USA Today

In response to a shortage of cyber professionals in the U.S., the National Security Agency is reaching out to a younger crowd: college students. (continue)

April 2014

ATMs may be at risk from lack of Windows XP support

City News Toronto

Around 95 percent of the world’s ATMs are currently supported by Microsoft’s Windows XP, but come Tuesday, security updates will no longer be issued by the U.S. software giant... (continue)

March 2014

MLBAM introduces new way to analyze every play

BOSTON -- Baseball is a game of inches, and those inches will be measured in a brand new way.

Major League Baseball Advanced Media on Saturday introduced a revolutionary plan for in-ballpark infrastructure designed to provide the first... (continue)

March 2014

Billy Beane Expects Big Things from MLB's Big Data Play

Cio Journal, The Wall Street Journal

New technology being tested by Major League Baseball this year could provide Oakland Athletics general manager Billy Beane with new ways of evaluating players. The new technology relies on clusters of high performance cameras... (continue)

February 2014

How to protect yourself from even the savviest of hackers (video)


Professor Dan Guido of Department of Computer Science and Engineering talks about how to protect personal information on the web.

December 2013

Appliances Hidden Trojan War Hackers New Trend (video) (in Chinese)

Chinese American TV News

When Reuters recently reported hacker attacks, our first thought was of computer software viruses or malicious code system, but now, more and more, hackers are beginning to attach other  electronics hardware.

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