Meet our Faculty

Dedication and knowledge

Comments on the program from some of our faculty.

Prof. Justin Cappos

"There is a practical and pragmatic mindset here. Instead of teaching things on an esoteric level, we attempt to teach by doing. For example, actual dumps from a LinkedIn breach were used for the students to attempt to crack them.

Our program helps worldwide students to come together and obtain the very strong background and skills that lead them well into the job market—at Wall St., major tech companies, or within the government."

Prof. Haldun Hadimoglu

"There is a strong theoretical group here that interacts with the applied group—it is a nice mixture."




Prof. Juliana Freire

"The Quality of students in the PhD program is very high, and we have been able to recruit amazing students. Our research programs are very strong and our students have received prizes in a variety of fields."



Prof. Torsten Suel

"Our program here is very solid.

The PhD department is small and very research intensive. Because it's so small, with only 50–70 PhD students at one time, it has a boutiquey feel."





Prof. Andy Nealen

"Our program is very diverse, with shared lab meetings and collaborations within the program. It is also a much more applied program than others.

The students here are extremely good and it's clear they really want the degree. There is a lot of collaboration between the grad students in my classes."