Dual Degree Programs

Degrees within NYU

The dual degree programs give students knowledge and skills across various disciplines. These 5-year programs are designed to prepare a new generation of professionals with skills in the technical aspects of engineering and the sciences. 

At the moment, we offer the following dual degree programs with:

College of Arts and Science 

·         B.S. in Mathematics/B.S. in Civil Engineering 

·         B.S. in Physics/B.S. in Civil Engineering 

Robert F. Wagner Graduate School of Public Service

·         B.S. in Civil or Construction Management/M.S. in Urban Planning

Degrees with International Partners

In addition to the dual degree programs listed above, Civil & Urban Engineering Department offers its students an opportunity to obtain a Master of Science Degree in Civil Engineering from New York University combined with a Laurea Degree from from one of two Italian Universities.

Students spend one year in Italy, at a partner institution, and a second year at NYU.  The goal of these dual degree programs is to provide civil engineering graduate students with the necessary in-depth scientific and technical knowledge in the field of civil engineering within a multicultural educational environment.

These programs prepare graduates to practice their profession at an advanced level while gaining a better understanding of global civil engineering concerns.  The program design assures full integration among Italian, US, and foreign students. Students  benefit from inter-university collaborations and planning of their programs by faculty from the two different universities. 

New York University and University of Cassino and Southern Lazio 

Students have the opportunity to obtain a Master of Science Degree from New York University and a Laurea Magistrale Degree from The University of Cassino, with specialization in Structural, Construction, Geotechnical, or Environmental Engineering. For more information press here.

New York University and University of Naples Parthenope

Students have the opportunity to obtain a Master of Science Degree from New York University and a Laurea Spescilestica Degree from Parthenope University of Naples. This joint Program allows students to specialize in structural or  geotechnical engineering.