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Inno/Vention Information Session

Kick off to this year's Inno/Vention competition at the information session being held this...

Geometric convexity and design of freeform lenses and mirrors-A Talk by Vladimir Oliker

Abstract: It will be shown how problems in design of freeform lenses and mirrors can be rigorously...

What is Quantum Probability?

Guest Lecturer Greg Kuperberg, UC Davis Abstract: Quantum mechanics is difficult for many people to...

Gradient Systems of Phase Transitions

Guest Lecturer: Fang Hua Lin, Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences  NYU-Poly invites you...

On the local solvability of the Nirenberg problem on S^2-A Talk By Zheng Chao Han

Zheng Chao Han, Rutgers University

Some generalized maximum principles and its applications to S.S. Chern's conjectures-A Talk By Young Jin Suh

Young Jin Suh, Kyungpook National University