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On Willmore Functional and Bonnesen-Type Inequalities - A Talk by Jiazu Zhou

Jiazu Zhou, Guizhou Normal University and Wuhan University, China

Combinatorial and Algorithmic Aspects of Hyperbolic Polynomials - A Talk by Leonid Gurvits

Leonid Gurvits, Los Alamos National Laboratory

The Slicing Problem and Geometric Symmetrization Methods - A Talk by Bo'az Klartag

Bo'az Klartag, Institute of Advanced Study

On Duality of Metric Entropy - A Talk by Shiri Artstein

Shiri Artstein, Princeton University

Simplicity vs Complexity in Convex Geometry - A Talk by Vitali Milman

Vitali Milman, Tel Aiv

Directed Projection Functions of Convex Bodies - A Talk by Paul Goodey

Paul Goodey, University of Oklahoma