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A Mozaic of Mathematical Problems: A Talk by Dmitri Burago

Dmitri Burago, Penn State University

Eigenvalues and Eigenfunctions in Periodic Homogenization: A Talk by Fanghua Lin

Fanghua Lin, Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences New York University

Affine vs. Euclidean Isoperimetric Inequalities: A Talk by Franz Schuster

Franz Schuster, Technical University of Vienna

On a Thousand Year Old Puzzle about Triangles- A Talk by Shou-Wu Zhang

On a Thousand Year Old Puzzle about Triangles Do you know the area of a triangle? Do you know how...

Computer Vision, Convolutions, Complexity and Algebraic Geometry:A talk by Gregory Chudnovsky & David Chudnovsky

Gregory Chudnovsky & David Chudnovsky, NYU-POLY

Synchronization in brain activity-A Talk by Mina Teicher

Mina Teicher , Bar-Ilan University