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Quantum Computation - An Introduction, A Talk by Marianna Bonanome

Marianna Bonanome, CUNY

Measuring Ellipsoids - A Talk by Igor Rivin

Igor Rivin, Temple University

On the Optimal Control of Partially Observed Systems - A Talk by Alain Bensoussan

Alain Bensoussan, University of Taxas at Dallas

Some Analytic Aspects of Ricci Flow: a Mini-Survey - A Talk by Bennet Chow

Bennett Chow, University of California - San Diego

Reduction of Randomness in Some Geometric Constructions - A Talk by Shiri Artstein

Shiri Artstein, Princeton University

Hyperbolic Van Der Waerden and Valiant-Schrijver Conjectures - A Talk by Leonid Gurvits

Leonid Gurvits, Los Alamos National Laboratories