500 years of Melancholia in Mathematics

The "500 Years of Melancholia in Mathematics" conference will take place in New York City on Saturday, May 17, 2014 at New York University's Brooklyn location. Join us we revisit and...

Event Archives

Concave Functions and Convex Level Sets - A Talk by Yakar Kannai

Yakar Kannai, The Weizmann Institute

Mathematics, Finance and the Art of Pricing - A Talk by Charles S. Tapiero

Charles S. Tapiero, Polytechnic University

Area and Perimeter Bisectors of Convex Sets - A Talk by Paul Goodey

Paul Goodey, University of Oklahoma (Norman)

Uniformly Distributed Sequences of Partitions - A Talk by Aljosa Volcic

Aljosa Volcic, Universitá della Calabria

Mahler's Inequality and Conjecture - A Talk by A.C. Thompson

A. C. Thompson, Dalhousie University, Halifax, Canada

Quantum Computation - An Introduction, A Talk by Marianna Bonanome

Marianna Bonanome, CUNY