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Integral Geometry and Zonoids - A Talk by Rolf Schneider

Rolf Schneider, Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg

Parallel Bodies and the Normal Bundle of Convex Bodies - A Talk by Helmut Groemer

Helmut Groemer, University of Arizona

Gaussian Measure and Convex Sets - A Talk by Artem Zvavitch

Artem Zvavitch, Kent State University

Approximation of Convex Bodies by Polytopes - A Talk by Elisabeth Werner

Elisabeth Werner, Case Western University

Minima of a Sequence of Gaussian Random Variables - A Talk by Carsten Schuett

Carsten Schuett, University of Kiel

Valuations on Polytopes - A Talk by Monika Ludwig

Monika Ludwig, Technische Universität Wien