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Some Geometric Properties of Intersection Bodies - A Talk by Maria Alfonseca

Maria Alfonseca, North Dakota State University

The Busemann-Petty Problem with the Generalized Axial Symmetry - A Talk by Boris Rubin

Boris Rubin, Louisiana State University

Distance Trisector Curves and Zone Diagram with Approximation Using Convex Distance Metrics - A Talk by Tetsuo Asano

Tetsuo Asano, School of Information Science JAIST, Japan

Minkowski Valuations and Geometric Inequalities - A Talk by Franz Schuster

Franz Schuster, Technical University of Vienna

Sharp Sobolev Inequalities from Historic and Geometric View Points - A Talk by Meijun Zhu

Meijun Zhu, University of Oklahoma, Norman

Affine Geometry of Convex Bodies - A Talk by Monika Ludwig

Monika Ludwig, Technical University of Vienna