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Valuations and Volume Inequalities - A Talk by Christoph Haberl

Christoph Haberl, Technische Universitaet Wien

Contact Problems in Nonlinear Elasticity - A Talk by Friedemann Schuricht

Friedemann Schuricht, TU Dresden

Random Series' - What Does It Mean? - A Talk by Anatoly M. Vershik

Anatoly M. Vershik, St. Petersburg Branch, Steklov Institute of Mathematics of the Russian Academy...

An Introduction to Coding Sequences and a Link to Convex Geometry - A Talk by Christian Steineder

Christian Steineder, Technische Universitaet Wien

A Talk by Elizabeth Werner

On L_p Affine Surface Area Elizabeth Werner, Case Western Reserve University

Simplices in the Euclidean ball - A Talk by Carsten Schutt

Carsten Schutt, University of Kiel