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Locally Convex Hypersurfaces of Constant Curvature with Boundary - A Talk by Joel Spruck

Joel Spruck, Johns Hopkins University

Christoffel's problem and the Fourier transform - A Talk by Maryna Yaskina

Maryna Yaskina, University of Oklahoma

Fourier transforms and determination of convex bodies - A Talk by Vladyslav Yaskin

Vladyslav Yaskin, University of Oklahoma

A Talk by Vladimir Oliker

The Aleksandrov Problem of Existence of Hypersurfaces with Given Integral Gauss Curvature and...

Valuations and Volume Inequalities - A Talk by Christoph Haberl

Christoph Haberl, Technische Universitaet Wien

Contact Problems in Nonlinear Elasticity - A Talk by Friedemann Schuricht

Friedemann Schuricht, TU Dresden