500 years of Melancholia in Mathematics

The "500 Years of Melancholia in Mathematics" conference will take place in New York City on Saturday, May 17, 2014 at New York University's Brooklyn location. Join us we revisit and...

Event Archives

Random Cayley Graphs-A Talk By Noga Alon

Noga Alon, Tel Aviv University and IAS, Princeton

Stability and Slicing Inequalities for Measures of Convex Bodies: A Talk by Aleksandr Koldobskiy

Aleksandr Koldobskiy, University of Missouri-Columbia

The Theory of Valuations and What It Can Do for You: A Talk by Franz Schuster

Franz Schuster, Technical University of Vienna

Fractional covering numbers of convex bodies-A Talk by Boaz Slomka

Boaz Slomka, Tel Aviv University 

Cone-volume measures of polytopes-A Talk by Martin Henk

Martin Henk, University Magdeburg