Course Information

STS2133 Perspectives On Sci & Tech Reporting

Credits: 3.00

The effective communication of scientific and technological ideas is essential in a society and culture as influenced by science and technology as that in the United States. At some point in their careers, scientists and engineers are called on to convey technical concepts and ideas to each other, to government agencies, to private corporations and to the public at large. These job functions are required for various reasons, including: (1) to support the marketing and public relations efforts of a company, (2) to provide the latest state-of-the-art information for the benefit of peers working in a specific industry and (3) to demonstrate to shareholders and customers the achievements attained in the corporation’s research and development laboratories. Moreover, non-experts in technical fields may be called on to participate in these and similar discussions. This course addresses these issues by having students study, research and write articles about three technologies where R&D activity is proceeding at a rapid pace: telecommunications, plastics materials development and processing, and energy.

Prerequisites: Completion of first year writing requirements. Co-requisites: None. Notes: Satisfies a HuSS Elective.