Course Information

PH4244 Techniques and Applications of Nanotechnology

Credits: 4.00

This is the second of a two-course sequence on concepts and techniques of nanotechnology. Novel function and performance can occur with materials or devices of size scales of one to 100 nanometers, a range extending from molecular scale to that of typical linewidths in contemporary microelectronics. Nanosystems may provide entirely new functions, by virtue of access enabled by the small size. Photo and x-ray lithographic patterning. Scanning probe microscopes for observation and for fabrication. Molecular machines as envisioned by Drexler. The role of Van der Waals force. Questions of machine manufacturability on the nm scale. The IBM GMR hard-drive read head. Micro- and nano-electromechanical devices and systems. Single-electron electronics. Molecular electronics.

Prerequisite: PH 3244.