Course Information

MG6753 Media Entertainment Sector: Struct, Org, Mgmt

Credits: 3.00

This course introduces the various industries that compose the media sector and outlines the major issues confronting these industries as they grapple with incorporating digitalbased and mobile innovations into their businesses. Discussions cover the structure of industries within the sector and how managers are recalibrating their business models and redesigning their organizations to compete in the current media and entertainment sector. Other issues covered include the new media industry as a catalyst for change; the transformation of traditional content-intensive industries such as the motion picture business; the book publishing business; the newspaper business and the music industry and the newly defined role of users and customers. Participants read case studies and articles and access other relevant materials in electronic and print format. Emphasis is on interactive discussions in class and on projects developed by individual participants and teams of participants.

Prerequisite: Graduate Standing